Panama Banks with a General Banking License

Total Deposits: USD 34,940 Million

BankUSD DepositsRatingStartBranEmpsATMsWeb
BAC International Bank, Inc.1,208 Million-Aug-199512790104
Bancafé (Panamá), S.A.420 Million-Dec-19661550
Banco Aliado, S.A.1,037 MillionA (pan)Jul-199211042
Banco Azteca (Panamá), S.A.14 MillionBB- (pan)Jan-200573560
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (Panamá), S.A.1,568 MillionAAA (pan)Jul-19831830631
Banco Bolivariano (Panamá), S.A.74 Million-000
Banco Citibank (Panamá), S.A.1,136 MillionAAA (pan)Jun-20032092642
Banco Delta, S.A. (BMF)66 Million-Jul-200612092
Banco G&T Continental, S.A. (BMF)15 Million-Jul-20080350
Banco de Bogotá, S.A.38 Million-Aug-19670420
Banco de Guayaquil (Panamá), S.A.87 Million-Mar-2008050
Banco Pichincha Panamá, S.A.681 Million-Jun-20061140
Banco General, S.A.6,450 MillionBBBApr-1955592838210
Banco Internacional de Costa Rica, S. A.554 MillionA+ (pan)Sep-197611972
Banco Latinoamericano de Exportaciones, S.A.1,555 Million-Jan-197901500
Banco Panamá, S.A.211 Million-Feb-20082454
Banco Panameño de la Vivienda, S.A.744 MillionBB- (pan)Apr-19812156930
Banco Trasatlántico, S.A.55 MillionB (pan)May-19793420
Banco Universal, S.A.229 MillionBB (pan)Dec-1994814611
Banesco, S.A.1,054 MillionB+ (pan)Feb-20071751719
Bank Leumi Le-Israel, B.M.120 Million-Oct-19820200
Bank of China Limited81 Million-Jul-19941150
BCT Bank International, S.A.505 Million-Sep-20021310
BNP Paribas Sucursal (Panamá), S.A.12 Million-Dec-197501200
BNP Paribas Wealth Management513 Million-Jan-20061500
Capital Bank, Inc.271 Million-Jan-20081550
Citibank, N.A.689 Million-Aug-190441450
Credicorp Bank, S.A.846 MillionA- (pan)Jun-19932249038
Global Bank Corporation1,801 MillionA+ (pan)Jun-19942990831
HSBC  Bank (Panamá), S.A.7,561 MillionAAA (pan)Aug-2004542261195
Korea Exchange Bank, Limited154 Million-Dec-1980090
Mega International Commercial Bank Co. Ltd.292 Million-Aug-19741490
Mercantil Bank (Panamá), S.A.86 Million-Mar-19781200
Metrobank, S.A.422 Million-Dec-19911993
MiBanco, S.A. BMF16 Million-Jan-19986420
MMG Bank Corporation187 MillionA- (pan)Mar-20030721
Multibank, Inc.1,247 MillionA (pan)Mar-19901551428
Produbank (Panamá), S.A.409 Million-Apr-20060100
ST. George Bank & Company Inc.515 Million-Nov-200464522
The Bank of Nova Scotia1,387 Million-Oct-1974919713
Towerbank International, Inc.630 MillionA (pan)Oct-197111511

Note: Rating is the National Long Term Rating from Fitch Ratings Ltd.

Start = Date started.
Bran = Number of branches/offices, Emps = Number of Employees.

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