Panama Banks with a International Banking License

Total Deposits: USD 7,137 Million

BankUSD DepositsRatingStartEmpsWeb
Bancolombia (Panamá), S.A.1,752 Million-Apr-197397
ES Bank (Panamá), S.A.965 Million-Mar-20024
GTC Bank Inc.711 MillionBBB- (pan)Jun-200186
Popular Bank, Ltd. Inc.562 MillionBB+ (pan)Aug-198324
Banco de Occidente (Panamá), S.A.532 Million-Jun-198227
Banco de Crédito Helm Financial Services446 Million-Apr-199827
Banco de Bogotá, S.A.402 Million-Apr-198842
GNB Sudameris Bank, S.A.347 Million-Sep-197011
BAC Bank, Inc.194 Million-Feb-200310
Scotiabank Perú, S.A.A. Sucursal Panamá179 Million-Sep-20063
BHD International Bank (Panamá), S.A.172 MillionAA- (dom)Dec-200611
Banco del Pacífico (Panamá), S.A.150 Million-Jul-198015
FPB Bank, Inc.119 MillionB (pan)May-200513
Banco de Crédito del Perú98 Million-Jul-200210
TAG Bank, S.A.95 Million-Feb-20064No website
International Union Bank, S. A.72 Million-Jul-19818
Banco Credit Andorra (Panamá), S.A.71 Million-Nov-200814
Austrobank Overseas (Panamá), S.A.70 Million-Aug-199551
First Central International Bank49 Million-Jun-200511
Banco de Finanzas (Internacional), S.A.29 MillionBBB- (pan)Nov-19977
Banco Corficolombiana Panamá, S.A.29 Million-Dec-200410
Banco de la Nación Argentina26 Million-Sep-19776
Banco Colpatria-Red Multibanca Colpatria22 Million-May-20057
Banco Santander (Panamá), S.A.20 Million-Aug-19735
Bancafé (Panamá), S.A.18 Million-May-19881
Atlantic Security Bank8 Million-Sep-198476
Banco Agrícola (Panamá), S.A.0 MillionAA- (pan)Mar-20021

Note: Rating is the National Long Term Rating from Fitch Ratings Ltd.

Start = Date started.
Emps = Number of Employees. International banks have no formal branches nor ATMs.

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